Happy New Year

Happy new year!

It has been one year and of course lots of things happened. I haven't been that active playing or writing songs with Halo of Pendor but did more musical adventures with my band EF.

I took some life changing decisions that brought me on new paths in life. Paths that has been much better for me. Paths that brought me to a bar in Gothenburg at the beginning of this year. Outside of this bar I met a girl that I came to marry this fall. It's been quite an adventure, an amazing one!

I have been trying to take a better look at my life and allow me to do more of the things I enjoy and deny the things in life that do me bad or just don't give me anything. I can easily say that stop using alcohol and drugs have been one of the best decisions I've made this year, except from marrying Bodil of course. 

Last but not least: I recently released my new EP "Winter Cold Mourning". You can get your own digital copy over at: http://haloofpendor.bandcamp.com

Please support my work. There will be some more releases coming in 2015.